New nodular cast brake rotor disc

Sinter's newest brake discs material meets all the CIK FIA regulations and still keeps the weight down to the level of the Composite-duralcan brake discs. The material is based on the alloyed ductile cast iron that is specially modified to meet the Sinter's high level of braking performance. The strength of the Sinter cast iron is almost three times larger than that of the regular grey cast iron that is mostly used in karting. Thermal conductivity and the specific heat of the Sinter cast iron is in the same range as regular grey cast iron. All these facts allows the brake disc to be thinner and therefore lighter. On average, brake discs made from Sinter's cast iron can be designed in such a way that they are 30% lighter while keeping all the external homologated measures.  And as we know, lighter brake disc allows better handling and acceleration response. Our test have established that Sinter's friction material S-822 shows similar braking performance on Sinter's cast iron and regular grey cast iron. For those who wants even more, the combination of Sinter's S-8032 friction material and Sinter's cast iron offers the best braking performance. When taking a low wear into account, Sinter's newest brake discs could be a great step forward in the kart brake systems.