Brake pads Shimano B type
  • Brake pads Shimano B type
  • Brake pads Shimano B type
  • Brake pads Shimano B type
  • Brake pads Shimano B type
  • Brake pads Shimano B type

Brake pads Shimano B type

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Acera BR-M3050, Alivio BR-M4050, Altus BR-M315, Altus BR-M365, Altus BR-M375, BR-C501, BR-M355, BR-M395, BR-M415, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M445, BR-M446, BR-M447, BR-M465, BR-M475, BR-M485, BR-M486, BR-M495, BR-M505, BR-M506, BR-MT200, BR-MT400, BR-MT500, BR-TX805, Deore BR-M515, Deore BR-M525, Deore BR-M575, Deore BR-T615, LX BR-T675
Dash Sport, HY/RD, Hylex, Spyke, Spyre, Spyre SLC
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Disc Brake

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It is essential that you bed in (or run in) your new brake pads for optimum performance.

  1. Remove the old brake pads.
  2. Clean the brake rotors before brake pad installation.
  3. Install the new brake pads (follow instructions!)
  4. Warning: Find a safe and controlled environment for the next steps!
  5. Brake lightly 20 times consecutively.
  6. Brake moderately 10 times consecutively.
  7. Brake hard 5 times consecutively.
  8. Cool down the brake pads and rotors.

Your brake pads are now ready!

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