Numerous companies are using unique production machinery in the fields of mining, energy, oil extraction, farming, printing, paper production, sowing and other industries. That machinery can have very long amortization cycles, and it needs dutiful maintenance works to be performed during its lifespan, and even in the extended period of use.

That is where Sinter can provide support to provide high quality remanufacture elements, while keeping the quality and performance level of that machinery at its best – sometimes even offsetting the need to invest in new machinery.

We provide extremely short response times to minimize your production halts, or even avoid them altogether!

All our remanufacturing services are provided according to the highest ecological standards.

The remanufacturing services can be provided for any type of equipment where friction and braking elements are involved, such as:

  • drilling equipment for mining and oil rigs,
  • hydropower plant gates and other elements,
  • elevators, cranes,
  • special tractor machinery,
  • turbines in the wind powerplants,
  • generators,
  • braking elements,
  • torsion limiters,
  • industrial friction elements.
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Industrial friction

Our research and development facilities let us constantly improve our friction materials and products and produce custom solutions for industrial markets.

We produce and remanufacture a variety of bonded and machined elements for the industrial, road, and off-road vehicles, and construction machines. All our products are compliant with EU REACH and with the copper regulation according to the USA SB6557 and California SB346 bills.

In addition to our standard products, we produce custom shaped products according to the customer’s requirements, drawings, or ideas. It is easy for us to come up with any type of friction elements for presses, cranes, electro-magnetic clutches, or turbines in the textile, paper, and agricultural industries, and much more!

In 2013, we also completely remanufactured our test bench Krauss and custom-built telemetry for capturing live data while field testing. This is invaluable in our quest to constantly improve our products.

Our products are sorted into groups:

  • Brake pads for brake disc systems
  • Friction inserts
  • Brake belts
  • Brake shoes (inner and outer type)
  • Brake cones
  • Brake lining
  • Friction brake drums
  • Clutches and torque limiters

Production and Project development

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Sinter is proud of its achievements, especially the specific milestones that have driven the major advancements in our products’ quality and the performance of the Sinter enterprise as a whole. We have been setting up brake factories around the world!