Sinter Brakes Team

The Sinter Brakes Team is a high-performance bike racing team, providing an excellent test bed for Sinter braking products.

Sinter is betting strongly on high performance, durability, braking power, and control to provide the absolute best in class braking products in the racing, touring, and urban e-bike segments.

To ensure the team’s success, Sinter has partnered with Unior, the European hand tools producer, who is a synonym for reliable, high-quality, and functionally designed hand tools for professionals and amateur mechanics. They manufacture specialized bicycle tools from premium materials, at the highest possible quality level.

Devinci provides the team with leading global frame-manufacturing technology, based out of their cutting-edge R&D facilities and powered by their supremely skilled engineering squad.

Sinter Brakes Team

Then there is the city of Ljubljana, one of the most vibrant European capitals and a mainstay on the global “must visit” lists. It was the Green Capital of Europe in 2016 and it is continuously developing as a sustainable bicycle and sports friendly destination. To make it even more exciting, it is surrounded by soaring mountains that are perfect for great MTB and touring trips. This is where the Sinter Brakes Team kicks in its hours of the high-performance riding it needs to achieve its extreme race performance.

Finally, there is Alpinestars – the leading manufacturer of protective clothing and gear for MX, MTB, and motorcycling. The brand is advancing the limits in a class of its own, and it is a must-have of any serious race team endeavor.

The team, of course, needs top leadership and the Sinter Brakes Team is proudly managed by Žiga Pandur, a Downhill World Cup finalist and multiple national champion from Slovenia. He drives the team to train hard, and emphasizes the importance of great gear, especially in its braking products: “Racing brake equipment must provide extreme stopping power when you need it, for as long as you need it. Sinter organic brake pads have always provided the best stopping power for me. They give the Sinter Brake Team the extra security and boost self-confidence on the trail or when racing downhill!”