Unior – Sinter Factory Racing

To produce the best brake pads ever we need the best test drivers we can get - the team of five riders with more than 50 events in total on the schedule including some of the most prestigious races and competitions. They are also a stable of the Slovenian national team.

It's really simple – they know what they need, and they know how to explain that to our engineers. Our research & development team then provides new compounds and new brake pads to try during racing or a training session.

This evolutionary cycle never stops, and the brake pads keep getting better and better. And so does the team. The products they approve are then used by professionals all over the world!

In the end we can only say – thank you, Žak Gomilšček, Tanja Žakelj, Jure Žabjek, Jaka Remec and Boris Režabek!

Team Unior - Sinter